We are currently looking for the following items.

If you have something you would like us to quote a price for you
please call us at 714-375-6262 or email us at info@militariawanted.com.


We are always interested in purchasing higher end U.S. & Vietnamese patches, especially interested in theatre made patches, bullion, silk, hand embroidered, etc. Please let us know what you have.


Looking for cloth, leather and nylon flight jackets from the 1930's to current issue. Cloth Jackets such as: B-10, B-15, (A & B models), M-421A, etc. Leather Jackets such as: A-2, G-1, ANJ-3, ANJ-4, B-1, D-1, B-3, etc. Nylon Jackets such as: L-2, L-2A, L-2B, N-2A, N3-A, N3-B, B-15C, B-15D, M-A1, CWU-36P, CWU-45P, G-8 Weps, etc. Plus any other unusual flight jackets.


We are always interested in harder to find U.S. military jackets. Mountain jackets, jump jackets, 1st and 2nd pattern tanker jackets, CBI bush jackets, WWII camo items.


Especially looking for better Vietnam era camo items. Looking for original non-put together items; tiger stripes, mint ERDL items, leopard pattern, National Police, Ranger pattern, pinks or windproof sets, SEAL experimental jackets, etc.


We are looking for harder to find U.S. military trousers. WWII USMC M-41 and M-44 HBT trousers, jump trousers, pre-war military denim, WWII Army HBT trousers, metal button fly khaki's etc.


Looking for tour/party jackets from WWII to current. Some are reversible, most are embroidered, some are painted. Looking for jackets from Japan, China, Korea (Korean War vintage only), N. Africa, Alaska, Vietnam, West-Pac cruises, etc.


Actively looking for 1940's-1970's embroidered bowling shirts. Can be gabardine, silk, or cotton. Especially looking for Japanese embroidered bowling shirts and military units.


We are always looking for military print T-shirts from the 1930's through Vietnam. Most are flocked with a few being hand made or stencilled. Especially looking for Big Daddy Roth military design T's and sweatshirts from Vietnam. Only looking for vintage items.


Looking for denim & work wear jackets from the 1920's through 1960's. All the major brands and also early no-name brands. Especially looking for Chinstraps, Pin-Stripes, Chambray, and Salt 'n' Pepper work shirts. Jackets can be regular cut, farm or barn coats, railroad style, etc. styled as pullovers, button fronts or zipper fronts, etc.


Always looking for 1930's-1960's denim trousers; Levi's, Lee, Wranglers, Dubblewear, J.C. Penny, pre-WWII military denim, etc. Also looking for non-brand name work wear denim trousers.


We are looking for better silk and rayon Hawaiian shirts. Your better shirts are from the 1930's through 1950's. These can be made in Hawaii and Japan. Note that better shirts have coconut or shell buttons and that bright colors and tropical themes are best.


There are many other vintage items we are looking for that do not fit in the above catagories; Letterman jackets (especially military themed), motorcycle and car club jackets, shirts and vests, 40's & 50's gabardine jackets and shirts, 30's-60's printed T-shirts, 40's & 50's cable knit printed pullover shirts, etc.